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Chaos Theories in Random Space


Spinning complacently in the darkness,                                                 Covered and blinded by a blanket of little lives.
False security has lulled the madness of this world into a slumber…                                  Wake up!

An eye is upon you, staring straight down and keenly through,
Seeing all that you are and everything that you can never be.

Yes, an eye is upon you, an eye ready to blink.
So face forward, with arms wide open and mind reeling.
Your future has arrived…

Are you ready to go?


"Super Nova Goes Pop" by Powerman 5000

Are you the future or are you the past…”


magictransistorE.L. Paolozzi. Metafisikal Translations. 1962.

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magictransistorE.L. Paolozzi. Metafisikal Translations. 1962.

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There is still something about writing a letter in your own hand that makes it special. The time and the effort that is required for a personal touch should not be forgotten. 

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"As you think, so shall you become."

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"I’m 87 years old…I only eat so I can smoke and stay alive.. The only fear I have is how long consciousness is gonna hang on after my body goes. I just hope there’s nothing. Like there was before I was born. I’m not really into religion, they’re all macrocosms of the ego. When man began to think he was a separate person with a separate soul, it created a violent situation.

The void, the concept of nothingness, is terrifying to most people on the planet. And I get anxiety attacks myself. I know the fear of that void. You have to learn to die before you die. You give up, surrender to the void, to nothingness.

Anybody else you’ve interviewed bring these things up? Hang on, I gotta take this call….. Hey, brother. That’s great, man. Yeah, I’m being interviewed… We’re talking about nothing. I’ve got him well-steeped in nothing right now. He’s stopped asking questions.”


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McCall’s magazine
The Occult Explosion

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Illustration by Ferenc Helbing for Keleti Mesék (Oriental Tales), 1914.

From the Abraxas Journal

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The Triton’s Mirror, 2014

Acrylics on prepared paper, 55.7 x 41.5 cm 

Denis Forkas – Spirits of the Mirror

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Georgio de Chirico, The Great Metaphysician (Oil on cavas), 1917.

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Yoshitaka Amano, Merlin

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❝Being silent for a while is good. Words can’t really express a person’s emotions.❞
The Mirror (1975) dir. by Andrei Tarkovsky (via lunarozsa)

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